Large Original Alcohol Ink Abstract: "Deconstructed" (23" x 35")

Large Original Alcohol Ink Abstract: "Deconstructed" (23" x 35")


An original 23 x 35 Alcohol Ink Painting done on Yupo Paper.

Ripping apart the layers to expose the true essence of the core. What makes up the core of your person? Deconstruction can get to the root of it all. This mixed media painting explores the layers and depth through varying textures and techniques from the usage of glitters and pigment to layering of multicolored Inks. This original Alcohol Ink based painting is perfect for any room and is not available currently as a print and can not be reproduced.

This piece can be sold as shown in the Black Gallery frame (final size: 24 x 36) (Total Cost: $1895).

Painting has three layers of protective Kamar Vanish.


Ranger and Jacquard Alcohol Ink
Jacquard PearlEx Pigment
Halo Glitter
Yupo Paper
Kamar Varnish
UV Protective Coating

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