Large Original Alcohol Ink Abstract: "Sundrops" (23" x 35")

Large Original Alcohol Ink Abstract: "Sundrops" (23" x 35")


An original 23 x 35 Alcohol Ink Painting done on Yupo Paper.

This graduation of color melds deep reds, oranges and yellows to create an effect of warmth easing down a pane of glass. The streaks of color rush over pearlized highlights and are accented by lines of contrasting and complementing Acrylic paints.

This one of a kind painting is not available currently as a print and can not be reproduced.

Painted and infused with Golden Shimmering Halo Glitter, this piece can be sold as shown in the Black Gallery frame (final size: 24 x 36) (Total Cost: $1895).

Painting has three layers of protective Kamar Vanish.


Ranger Alcohol Inks
Jacquard Acrylic Exciter Paint
Gold Halo Glitter
Yupo Paper
Kamar Varnish

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